Who we are

Welcome to Onlinemessengers!

We are here to help change makers, intuitives and conscious entrepeneurs get the support, tools and inspiration to do what you are here to do! On this page you will find all that we are and what we stand for. We do not believe that a human being can fit into a box, when we choose to shine our light as our authentic selves the world heals one person and action at a time.

Our guiding words are freedom, health and connection.

Freedom – to live the life that we deserve to live. To have time-freedom, health freedom and inner freedom.

Health – To be able to live a free life, you need your health. We have both gone through tough health journeys both physically and mentally and have found amazing tools on the way.

Connection – You can have all the freedom and health in the world, but if you are not able to connect, with yourself, the people around you or the universal consciousness, it will not mean anything.

We have big visions that we have started to create in this world and we want to walk our talk.  To serve you to reach your goals we offer:

– World leading tools to create financial freedom together with a global team of Freedompreneurs working only with a lap-top or phone, so that you can do what you are here to do, while you are also having a positive impact on the planet.

– Individual coaching sessions, intuitive reading, intuitive branding, health consultancy, conscious entrepeneur mentorship.

– Inspiration, provocation, information and gold nuggets through our pod and on our Facebook-pages

– Music, Art, Poerty and books

– Health treatments, ozone-therapy, Hydrogen-therapy, electrolyzed reduced water, massage and health consultancy. We also have an amazing cooperation with a network of free-thinking medical doctors, diet-experts and other experts in health.

– A blueprint to transform this world into a New Earth, living in balance and sovereignty. One of our biggest visions that we are here to build and create is The New Earth Project.

We, the founders of Onlinemessengers, are Maneka and Kristopher Helleberg. We are lovers, friends, partners, entrepeneurs, visionaries and are both passionate about personal growth, health and creating a better world.


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