Maneka Johanna Helleberg is a Freedompreneur, Mother, Visionary, Artist, Teacher and Clairvoyant since the age of 14

Maneka is passionate about supporting more balanced ways of life and support systems where we as humankind can live together in unity and peace.  She has worked with e-democracy since she was 16, worked with the international organisation Humanitad since 2005 and has been supporting the NewEarth Project from its launch in 2013.

Maneka’s clairvoyance awoke naturally at the age of 14 and she has worked with intuitive coaching since she was 24 years old.  She has coached thousands of people over the years helping people to better health, alignment with their souls purpose and create more financial stability and awareness as entrepeneurs.

She has been involved in research in neuroscience, psychology and innovations for free energy technology and natural farming techniques.  Maneka is a teacher, has studied human ecology, international realations  and ecology for many years. She has lived in – and studied – many eco-villages around the world resulting in deep understanding and experience in the field of eco-village-building and its many facets.

Manekas motto is ”Love Counquers All – Omnia Vincit Amor”

Maneka offers:

– Intuitive coaching session

– Intuitive branding session

– Freedompreneur Discovery call

Please use Manekas Schedule to book a time with her:


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