Kristopher Helleberg – Health Coach, Conscious Entrepreneur, Father, Motocross-rider

Kristophers passion is to help people move into the new paradigm on all levels such as health, finances, mindset and common law.

Kristopher is a conscious entrepreneur that always seeks to excel his own mindset and personal development. He has many years experience of being an entrepreneur with both successes and failures behind him all of it leading to a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful business.

For nearly 20 years he struggled with substance abuse and mental health problems and the deep pain of this process forced him to find the deepest core of his being to clear him self of all substances and become balanced and whole again.

Today Kristopher is living happily with his family and running a successful business. Kristopher has a strong driving force,  a deep understanding that change can only come from one self and he is accommodating people to find that driving force in themselves. 

Kristopher offers health coaching and support to a select few people seeking to be free of addiction every month. He only works with people who has a genuine desire to be free from addiction on all levels. To apply to the program contact Kristopher on:

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